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Photo-poetry book


For this self-published book, I created imagery accompanied by original poems that tell personal stories of love and death through dreams. In Encounters (2011), to love is to transform and to be transformed; the lovers forget death in an attempt to make the instant an eternity. The painterly, dreamlike quality of the images is enhanced by the beauty of the platinum-palladium process.


Fragments of the prologue by mexican writer Gustavo Sainz: ""This book is constructed so that we may pause before every page and look. It is an enviableexperience to feel free before the rest of the poeple.We should be consistent and mentally prolong these words . these photographs....


...Am I dreaming awake? There is a time to reveal one self and time to hide. Beign awake as well as dreaming  are equally unreal. If dreaming were not real, neither would be the dreamer.The texts and the photographs of “Encounters” produce our dreams.A perfect silence. Her nudity can make us feel less abandoned.The nudity suggest the beyond. Some figures flee....

.... In some place of the labyrint is the woman.The dance of Alexandra's work is the dance of life. We are made of the substance from which dreams are made.Encounters  is youth, vivacity is cancelled and it always is reborn and at the same time here and in no other part now and never . The descent into the world of desires is what happen to us every time we sleep...


...Soft and quite texts and photographs beneath the nervous glance of the reader.The excess of the hyperreal-reality of the photographs.  The femininity as the principle of uncertinty .Alexandra McNichols- Torroledo thinks in poems. Satisfaction does not exist, neither does sufficiency. Disconnecting  changes of themes, abrut and juxtasposed. It would  be a beautiful thing to kiss these pages and give them life as in the fairytales".


To read the book click here



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