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Photo-poetry book


In the book Dreams and Nightmares (2007-2010), using myself as subject, I explore the labyrinth of femininity. A woman reveals herself and her story through the voice of her body. There, the world is a dark cave where only nudity shines and where the boundary between sanity and insanity is illusory. The reality revealed by the imagination is not the literal body but a symbolic and mystical journey.


Dreams and Nightmares reconstructs memories of lost love and sadness. These photographs and poems are a visual and written statement about the female gender: Woman is seen as a shaman dealing with themes ranging from the religious to the emotional, from the violent to the peaceful. The female voice undertakes a spiritual pilgrimage fusing herself with Mother Nature and the universe.


Dreams and Nightmares, is the firts book in which I combined my own imagery and original poems. 


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